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Elnourse Real Estate Investment CO. Ltd. was established in 2000 to execute comprehensive housing projects; harnessing the prevailing opportunities in the real estate sector and the progressive economic situation in Sudan. It goes without saying that the Group owns a wealth of real estate: land, buildings, villas, offices, stores and warehouses in both strategic and attractive locations. The company has promoted the concept of residential compounds by constructing the first residential compound in the country. It also contributed- together with the state- to the development of the laws and regulations governing ownership and residency in such compounds.



  • Khartoum Land Terminal steel structure halls (A two story commercial building, and an administration building).
  • The Emergency Operation Unit and Rehabilitation Wards at Elgitaina   Hospital, White  Nile  Province (Single Story- R.C.  building).
  • Awtad Residential Complex which includes two compounds (Gated complex A and open complex B).
  • Luxury Houses and Villas located in strategic and attractive areas around Khartoum such as Khartoum 2, Amarat, and Riyad.
  • Dry Stores located in the new industrial area, south of Khartoum. The project was designed and implemented with the objective of building modern storage facilities for dry cargo which helps improve the efficiency and operation of heavy trucks. The facility spans 22,000 square meters, with two large warehouses, each with an area of 7040 square meters.
  • Elnefeidi   Private  Residential   Complex, located in  Kilo  X, Khartoum  (2 story  villas  offering  full  services).
  • Alsalam  Bank  Headquarter, Khartoum  Branch.
  • Alsalam  Bank, Rotana  Hotel  Branch  (Finishing  works).
  • Raiba  Trans  Headquarters.
  • Raiba Trans Station (workshop, offices and accommodation buildings in Rabak).
  • Bashir Motors Showroom (steel structure with mezzanine offices and   workshops).
  • Nissan Cars Warehouses in Khartoum North’s Free zone (steel structure).


New Projects:

The company owns several land plots at different locations inside and outside of Khartoum. The company has a number of other real estate projects as follows:

- Elnakheal Project:

This plot is located in Khartoum area, ten kilometers from the center, neighboring the new American Embassy. The project area is 55000 m2 and will include about 6 villas, two multi story buildings, and recreational facilities (gardens, and a social & sports club). This project is currently in the design and documentation phase.

- Aswaq Omer:

This project is located in the center of Khartoum, near the new Bus Station, in an area of 2,737 m2. The project includes

  • 64 shops
  • Public toilets
  • Car parking lots
  • Green Zones
  • A Mosque

* All shops are rented.

- Elwafer Market:

This project is located in the centre of Khartoum, next to the new Bus Station, in an area of 2,737 m2. The project which is still in the phase of feasibility study and design includes:

  • 56 shops
  • 20 public toilets
  • 40 parking lots


Contacts Informations:

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Fax: +249 183 77 0036

P.O. Box 1222 Khartoum-Sudan.

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