Our President


Over the years, Elnefeidi Group has defined its credentials, proved its competence and demonstrated integrity in all its business dealings. As an organization, we honor our commitment and deliver on our promises. This will continue to be our hallmark as we embark on a new growth journey, where we have decided to take the road less traveled.

Throughout our journey to excellence, we have encountered tremendous challenges, but we always faced them with a high degree of competence and were able to successfully surpass them. Our persistence and hard work have always carried us through, so we can build a solid business foundation for the next generations of family and employees, as well as to satisfy our customers’ changing demands. We believe that we must adapt and respond to change, viewing it as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Our investment in skills and resources are focused on four pillars: community, infrastructure, market place and people. This enables us to fully integrate our programs throughout everything we do at Elnefeidi Group. Some fields where we believe we have made the most impact on are logistics, real estate, automotives, and recently agriculture.

To achieve our founder’s vision of community development, we founded the Bashir Elnefiedi Charity to support health and education programs, support non-profit organizations, and ultimately serve our communities.

We are proud of the success we have had thus far in realizing the vision of our Founder, Bashir Elnefeidi. Each and every one of us, understands what a privilege it is to contribute to leading this institution into many more centuries of growth, profitability and recognition.

Mr. Amin Bashir Elnefeidi, Group President