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In 2005, Inmaa Poultry and Feed Production Company was founded in Sudan, as a joint venture between Elnefeidi Holding Group and Egypt’s Al Wadi Holding Group. Several ventures operate under this umbrella, such as: Inmaa Poultry & Feed, Inmaa Agriculture, Inmaa Trading, and Inmaa Engineering.

In 2007 we started with the production of Lehman White layer chicks and broiler Ross parent stock, known for their quality, vitality and feed conversion rate. Additionally, broiler breeder and feed are also produced.

Grandparent poultry were housed in 2012, and the production of Ross parent stock commenced. Presently, 900,000 parent stock are produced annually, minimizing the need to import from abroad. Also, exportation of broiler parent stock took place for the first time in Sudan.

In 2013, the project also established the largest feed mill with a production capacity of 1,000 tons per day, where poultry feed granules are produced. These granules enable the birds to obtain a complete and balanced diet. Each grain picked up by the chick contains all components of the feed mixture.

This is achieved through the implementation of complex and integrated programs in rearing, prevention, nutrition, and preventive security, in addition to providing appropriate housing, fitted with the necessary equipment to adequately meet the needs of the chicks (feed, water, and other). These programs are implemented by trained and experienced technical cadres.

Inmaa operates state-of-the-art incubation plants equipped with the latest technology, to produce healthy and high-quality chicks.

We aim to maintain the lead in the poultry industry in Sudan, to achieve self-sufficiency, and meet the growing demand for white meat, thus reducing the import of eggs and chicks to provide hard currency, and contribute to bolstering the national economy.

We also support the transfer of the latest technologies in various poultry fields, and the development of sound administrative and technical structures, while improving the quality of production, reducing its costs, and increasing the profitability of producers.

We provide our customers with the best solutions by offering a high quality product package that reflects the values embedded in our motto: “Growing together”. These solutions include:

- Production of Ross broiler breeder
- Production of Ross broiler chicks and Lehman layer chicks
- Production of granulated feed for chicks
- Production of broiler feed, and feed for ruminants
- A specialized poultry training center
- Exportation of eggs and broiler parent stock
- Construction of exemplary barns with high quality specifications, and the provision of maintenance services
- Follow-up of technical services team (free service), including a hotline to receive complaints

The company manages large-scale farms:

- Grandparents Farm (4 sites with total capacity of 50,000 female birds).
- Broiler Breeder Farms (8 sites with capacity of more than 500,000 breeder/female).
- Layer Breeder Farm (4 sites with total capacity of 50,000-layer breeder).
- A state-of-the-art hatchery, and a 360,000-ton annual capacity feed mill.
- The company owns the only poultry grandparent operation in Sudan and is the market leader in the production of broiler parents, commercial broilers & commercial layers.


Contacts Informations:

Tel: +249 187 713549
            +249 187 719547

Fax: +249 187 510357

P.O. Box 710 Omdurman.

Sudan - Khartoum - Omdurman - Elmuhandesin - Alshahida Salma St. - Quarter No. 29/4/4 - Building No. 665


Khartoum Land Terminal Logo

In 2003, the Ministry of Public works, the National Social Insurance Fund and the Elnefeidi Group joined efforts and brought their combined experiences in different fields together to provide cost-efficient, safe, on-time, reliable, convenient, and clean transportation services. As a result, Khartoum Land Terminal was brought into being and formally commenced its operations on October 24, 2004.

KLT is strategically located in Khartoum at Al Souk Al-Mahaly, occupying a total land area of 63,862 M2.

KLT’s facilities include 4 departure halls, catering to tourist buses, 2nd class buses, Nissan buses, and mini buses. An average of 500 fully booked buses depart daily from KLT to countless destination within Sudan.

The Arrival hall handles a daily average of 10,000 passengers during regular seasons and serves a daily average of 30,000 passengers during the holiday seasons.

4 units of 2 story commercial centers provide additional services to passengers as well as the general public. Each building is comprised of 22 units of commercial spaces and 1 cafeteria. KLT has also made great strides to ensure a high standard of management by establishing an IT department with the aim of communicating information swiftly and efficiently across all organizational levels and providing computers and a local area network.

The terminal boasts nearly 200 highly efficient and qualified personnel working towards one common objective; customer satisfaction.

KLT is currently also working towards achieving ISO 9001- 2000 certification to ensure an efficient and effective management system that reflects its commitment to providing top quality service to all customers.


Contacts Informations:

Tel: +249 183 437541

Fax: +249 183 438431

P.O. Box 8243 Khartoum - Sudan

Sudan - Khartoum - Alsouq Amahali


Sahil Electronic Services Company Logo

Sahil Electronic Services Co. is a limited liability company that was established in 2009 as a joint venture between Tawasul Electronic Network Solutions - Oman, a leading expert in the IT sector, and RAIBA Land Trans Ltd, a member of Elnefeidi Group, with a vision to be the leading electronic payment distribution and collection solutions company in Sudan and Africa.

Headquartered in Sudan, Sahil is a strong believer in local community-business interaction and a pioneer in introducing new innovative products and services to the region. Sahil designs, develops and implements electronic distribution and collection solutions in addition to employing the latest technology to develop scalable, portable, and extremely modular solutions. The company offers solutions designed to meet the prepaid and post-paid market demands, offering convenience, solving security issues, and addressing distribution availability as well as collection challenges.

The operations in Sudan will focus on distributing prepaid e-POS terminals and facilitating the availability and convenience of the prepaid e-vouchers to Sudan’s valuable dealers and end-users.


Contacts Informations:

Tel: +249 183 525 777
            +249 183 524 124

Fax: +249 183 525 122

P.O. Box 13115

Sudan - Khartoum - Bashir Elnefeidi St. - Almamora - Block 81 - Plot 134