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Elnefeidi Tires Retreading and Rehabilitation Factory NRTTF

The official opening of the massive NTRRF tire retreading center in Khartoum North took place on August 6, 1994. Not only did this event have an immediate and significant effect on the Elnefeidi Group, but also the entire Sudanese transportation sector.

Elnefeidi retreading center is run by experienced professionals and equipped with high quality machines and materials. Our plant has proved its presence in the tire retreading industry by evolving into a world-class provider of retreaded tires, offering a comprehensive suite of tire services, benefiting transporters throughout the country.

NTRRF retreads used tires placing them back into full service. In many cases, this allows as many kilometers of use as the original tires.

Tires represent 17-20 percent of the operating costs in the transport sector. However, the steady rise in tire prices corresponds with a rise in operating costs which has negatively impacted the transport market. Elnefeidi offers the optimal solution to reduce the cost of tires and thus reduce the cost of operation, by renewing used tires using state-of-the-art cold retreading technology.

Elnefeidi championed the introduction of this technology for the first time to the Sudanese market in 1994, and since then, it sought to research and develop this industry to suit the different climates and terrains of Sudan.

The NTRRF retreads a used tire at an estimated cost of about 40% of the price of a new tire, saving customers 60% of the value of a new tires and in return, providing a tire that offers at least as many kilometers of use as a new one, with a one year company guarantee confirming our confidence in our product.

The factory aims to reduce the cost of operation to a minimum. Used tires are no longer waste, but are transformed into real wealth by refurbishing them through our cold retreading method. Moreover, retreading tires locally reduces tire imports, and thus increasing hard currency reserves which in turn revives the national economy. Retreading also reduces traffic accidents on roads as a result of exposed tires and directly protects the environment by reducing the volume of waste tires.

* We are ready to train tire technicians in your company on how to test and choose tires for retreading and identify condition, quality and timing.


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